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Heaven Gore
Born in Texas
15 years
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sam missing December 27, 2022
I miss my loved one as well. She was only in 7th grade when I lost her and she is gone forever. If I could only go back to that day maybe I could change everything. I have suffered in her absence and I long to join her. It has never been the same or sane without her. 
Ray Mack Bless You May 9, 2019
Your words are so touching and your love for your daughter is so wonderful.Your life has changed and the world you know now is blessed to have someone like you that cares so much and I can only hope you keep caring and keep sharing such genuous thoughts  Thank you

David Q Loss of aChild May 30, 2017
I could feel your pain as I read your message. It truly touched my heart and made me want to cry.  The year before you lost your precious child, I lost mine. Listening to your daily struggle to survive reminds me of the challenges that face me as I continue to live without my son. I know he is an angel in heaven and that if I earn it, I will see him again some day. There are times that I wish I had committed suicde too but Im far too old for that now. I have to live with the challenges life throws at me from day to day. I truly understand how you feel. 

May God continue to bless you with life

David Q

Reader Such a nice girl December 20, 2016
Such a nice girl. What a loss!
Frank To parents of Lee Angel September 1, 2015
I lost my 21 yo son to a drug od Jan 2012.   I have struggled for years to put my broken feelings into words.  Your message titled Our Remembrance is the closest description to how I feel that I have seen in all the websites and newletters read.
It is a state of partial living that I feel = one foot on earth and one that is knocking on the door of heaven.  I need to get to him somehow but I am not ready to give up my life.  I will pray for you and your daughter.  Feel free to connect if you wish at gfr265@verizon.net
Andria Drica Condolência January 1, 2014

I'm not sure what to say, but I know that God will never abandon your daughter and you, know that God's love is divine.to be strongInnocent

Glen Williams Sorry for your Loss March 28, 2013
Sorry for your loss and for your daughter's loss.  What a beautiful girl.  Rest in Peace beautiful girl.
Dion Sincere Condolences November 5, 2012
I look through the beautiful pictures of your daughter and can only tell you how sorry I am for your loss. She is gorgeous!
My understanding of your loss cannot be phathomed; for I have not experienced. The understanding I do have is that of being a father of a daughter (5) and son (3) and the unconditional love for them; one without limits.
My tears fall and my heart bleeds for you.


Tim West Mr. July 12, 2008

My most sincere condolences go to your mom.  The loss of a child is something no parent should ever live long enough to see.  However, God has a plan and we don't know what that plan is.  Only one thing is certain,  your mom can rest assured in the knowledge that she WILL see you again someday.


be sweet

tim west

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